Thursday, December 01, 2016

Maut Ke Saaye Mein

Date : 15th November 2016
Directors : Mohit Soni and Puneet Keshtwal
Production Managers : Mukundan Singh and Alanckrit Jain
Playwright : Original by Jean Paul Satre
Translated By: J.N. Kaushal
Form : Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :
Fransua - Harshit Gandhi
Lucy - Gunjan Aggarwal
Auri - Pradyumn Awasthi
Saurbiyar - Utkarsh Agarwal
Kanauris - Arjun Mahendru
Joan - Aakash Sharma

Pilrey - Rishabh Gupta
Kloshe - Kaushik Ramesh Iyenger
Landriye - Shashwata Sinha
Cornier(German) - Nikhil Gupta
German Sipahi - Bhavika Gupta / Varad Kalyankar

The Play :

It is a play based in the dark ages of French Revolution when the very existence of human free will was under the strict vigilance of the Nazis. The resistance movement engrossed men and women from all regions of France, especially the juvenile learned blood. The root reason for this was the disregard of the very quintessence of human values and dignity. Shorn of its identity, these people searched for a meaning for their life and its very subsistence. The story is about five prisoners of war who await their turn to be tested against the Nazis one by one. Inspite of its background, the play is entirely just about one thing - "human emotion under trying circumstances". Its about how these prisoners discover a new self of themselves so close to death.

Some memories from the play: 

  • A lot of initial practices for the play were done outside the library, lecture theatre complex and Sky lawns due to "unavoidable circumstances" where the institution cancelled our bookings
  • Auri had to be slapped on his right cheek by the guards. There were dedicated sessions and Auri was regularly beaten up to ensure the slap comes with the right pace!
  • The complete play was once rehearsed in a dark room with all the actors locked up in the balcony. This was an amazing experience!
  • The French and Germans had separate "bonding sessions" so that they could understand each other better. The results were varied.
  • When the play was being staged, the lights and sounds added beautifully to the intense scenes- specially the one where Fransua was killed.

The Gallery :

          The Publicity chart:
"We tried to justify our lives and we have failed. Now, we are going to die, and we cannot justify our deaths."

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