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Date : March 31st, 2007
Directors : Abhinav Kimothi, Chanakya Bhardwaj & Sharad Varma
Production Managers : Ashwini Chakre & Vivek Tiwari
Playwright : Abhinav Kimothi, Chanakya Bhardwaj & Sharad Varma
Form : Stage Play (SAC QT)
Type : Side Production

Cast :
Aadarsh Bhargav : Rachit Joshi
Anand Bhargav :
Akash Agarwal
Apeksha : Ajeytaa Agarwal
Shekhar Upadhyay : Prakhar Prabhakar
Principal : Mukul Malhotra
Nirmala : Neha Shah
Reporter 1 : Sankalp Kathuria
Reporter 2 : Prateek Ranjan

The Play :
Tehrir (hand writings or just writings) is a story of a blind poet Aadarsh Bhargav who doesn’t share his poetry with anyone. His poems can be regarded as his sufferings, his frustrations, his desires which he doesn’t want others to know. He lives with his caring and protective elder brother, but because of his self esteem he takes up a job in a blind school in another town. Adarsh has a friend in Apeksha who, may or may not, be in love with him and is the only
person who knows about Aadarsh’s poems. She understands him completely and he confides in her. The story starts with Aadarsh deciding to move out of the city to another town and despite Apeksha’s arguments against his decision, Aadarsh is firm. The opening scene showcases his relation with his elder brother which is of love and yet of an uncomfortable formality.

In the blind school, Aadarsh meets an old friend of his, a now-renowned writer and story teller, Shekhar Upadhyay.
Shekhar hears a recorded cassette of Aadarsh’s poems and insists that Aadarsh should get his poems published, which Aadarsh firmly denies. Shekhar publishes the poems in his name without notifying Aadarsh, his motive not to plagiarize but to let to the people, the beautiful writings and helping Aadarsh monetarily. When Aadarsh comes to know about it ,he is frantic and after being provoked by Apeksha he insists Shekhar to apologise publicly. Shekhar initially resists but after Apeksha’s pleading on the point that Aadarsh is blind and will die of grief with time,Shekhar agrees.

The climax is a press conference where journalists question Shekhar if he is telling the truth now or is just being philanthropic by giving his poems the name of a blind friend. In the closing monologue Aadarsh denies his being the author of the poems, holding his self respect upright.

The play was staged in the SAC QT just before Inna ki Aawaaz. There were two stages right opposite to each other with the audience in the mean and alternate scenes on each stage. The story was simple and comprehendible which the audience acknowledged. Powerful performances by Rachit (as Aadarsh), PP (as Shekhar) and AJ (as Apeksha) were appreciated by the audience. The atmosphere was kind of serene through out the play, which followed by the exuberant Inna Ki Aawaaz gave a fitting contrast to the evening.

Tehrir was probably scripted in least time than any other play before. The formulation of the plot and the final draft of the script had just two weeks in between. The two poems in the script can be called the highlights of it. The story can be said inspired from the Gurudutt’s Classic Pyasa to a little extent. The practices as usual were fun filled, with regular DoPY sessions in between. And also the trip mid-through the practice duration was exhilarating.

With two plays going simultaneously I guess we as diros were in a bit of physical and emotional crunch too. More so with Chanky and Bela both having MT-II. Not to go unmentioned is the fact that we weren’t sure two days before the play about the final venue of the play. All thanks to Mr. President’s visit to campus. And accolades to the production team managed by Bang and Tiwari for the excellent stages and prompt scene changes.

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