Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Taj Mahal Ka Tender

Date : November 6th, 2004
Directors : Apeksha Godiyal & Anushri Rathi
Production Managers : Aditya Aney & Uday Dhoke
Playwright : Ajay Shukla
Form : Stage Play
Type : Theatre Workshop

Cast :
Nrutak - Abhinav,Swapnil,Vijendra,Yogesh,Bipin
Stree - Sonam,Gauri
Shahajahn - Yashwant
Darbari - Aditya,Sunil,Nilesh,Mehul
Sharmaji - Ashish
Vermaji - Amber
Sudhir - Ashutosh
Bhaiyaji - Rahul
Bansal - Salman
Chaprasi - Deepak
Neta-1 - Apurva
Neta-2 - Govind
Neta’s Wife - Anshuli
Sethi - Raman
Khan - Vivek
Chopra - Dheeraj
Jahan Aara - Neelam

The Play :
Taj Mahal ka Tender is a social and political satire. It deals with the pressing issue of wide spread Corruption in India. The dramatist has potrayed a situation where Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor, is reigning in today's times and intends to build the Taj Mahal to commemorate the death of his beloved.

He entrusts this task to his Chief Engineers and owing to the deep rooted corruption he waits in vain till his death... for just the tender to pass. Through several hilarious epiodes, it showcases the greed, malice and shrewdness of the chief engineers and various other government officials involved.

The play was staged as the 3rd Theatre Workshop Demo and had a huge cast of 27. Several characters were introduced and some roles were split in the original script. Another innovation we introduced was the Nritak Mandali, which served as the narrators of the play.

The production work of the play was par excellence as three beautiful stages were prepared:

Main Stage : Chief Engineer's office
Side Stages : Shah Jahan's darbar & Nritak Mandali's Village

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We are planning to a comedy but satirical stage drama in our company party.
Can you please share the script the script for "Tajmahal ka Tender" or any other script which you feel is on the funnier side.

Thanks for help.

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