Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Aur Woh Gadi

Date :
Directors : Manish Tahilyani & Ramprasad Kamath
Production Managers : Kalpesh Patel and Shelly Aggarwal
Playwright : Manish Tahilyani & Ramprasad Kamath
Form : Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :
Collector Hukum Chand : Prashant Biwal
Iqbal : Bipin Deosthale
Jagga : Arvind Khilnani
Jagga ki maa : Vishakha Gupta
Imam Chacha : Ram Deshpande
Imam ki beti (Nooran) : Prajkta Prabhu
Lala/Gurudware ka rakhwala : Sumeet Gupta
Lala ki patni : Swati Agarwal
Daroga : Ashish Korde
Hawaldar1 : P Jagdish
Malli : Ashwani Kumar
Malli ki gang ka daku1 : Pratik Shukla
Malli ki gang ka daku2 : Naresh Sharma
Yuvak : Kapil Sangwan
Bhai Meet Singh : Sumukh Kulkarni

The Play :
The setting for the play is a village close to the Pakistan border just after independence. Communal tensions are just beginning to stem but the village as such is peaceful and calm. The play shows various forces operating – communal harmony, communal hatred, law and administration – at several levels. The story is not about one person, family or even a village for that matter. It is the story of a nation – told through the lives of ordinary villagers and how lives of these people are affected in the process. It is a tale of love torn across borders, hatred and violence incited across borders and suffering across borders.

Central to the play is the train passing through the village, which one day, is laden with Hindu corpses – a result of carnage on the Pakistani side. This incident tips off the fine balance in the village and all evil forces of rouges, of people out to settle scores turn rife. Muslims of the village are forced to flee for their lives. Caught amidst this are the poor civil and police law-enforcement officers who are clueless as to how to tackle the situation. Then there is a group of dacoits and revenge-seekers that hatch a plan to pay Pakistani’s in the same coin.Not surprisingly, only the evil plans succeed and all that is left is pain and suffering

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