Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Date : November 12th, 2005
Directors : Apeksha Godiyal
Production Managers : Pratyush Singh
Playwright :
Form : Stage Play
Type : Theatre Workshop

Cast :
Vivek - Saikat Banerjee
Principal - Rahul Kundu
Maths Teacher - Kapil Jamkar
Physics Teacher - Sikander Mashayak
Social Science - Anurag Ambekar
Chaprasi - Chandra Prakash Jethani

The Play :
Refund is a Hindi adaptation of the famous Hungarian play by the same name. Its a subtle satire on the existing educational setup. The protagnist Vivek is an unemployed youth, who suddenly gets the bright idea of demanding his tuition fees back... of all the years of education in school.

He goes back to his principal and puts forth his peculiar demand. He reasons that the school gave him no useful or significant knowledge and so is entitled to reimbursement of the tuition fees. He also compels them to take his examination on all subjects to prove that he's learnt virtually nothing.

What follows, is a immensely comical situation... where Vivek gives the most ridiculous and improbable answers to all the questions directed to him... and the teachers manipulate those anwers to prove him correct. Saikat Banerjee was well apprciated for his great performance.

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