Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bhagat Singh Ki Wapasi

Date : October 15th, 2003
Directors : Vasuta Agarwal & Aditi Nath
Production Manager :
Playwright :
Form : Stage Play
Type : Oasis Entry

Cast :
Bhagat Singh : Pratyush Singh
Chandrashekhar Azad : Vishal Gupta
Sukhdev : Paritosh Modi
Rajguru : Naresh Sharma
Vijay : Bhoopendra
Bhagat Singh ki Maa : Vasuta Agarwal
Simon : Akbar Kamal
lawyer/jailer/warder : Raheem Darediya
Numberdaar - Abhinav Kimothi
Court Officer - Rajesh Agrawal
Judge - Pranav

The Play :
Bhagat Singh Ki Wapasi as the name suggests had a strong patriotic theme with Bhagat Singh as the central character. The play revolved around the rebellion of Bhagat Singh and his comrades against the British and their cruelty. Whether it be the torture of Bhagat Singh in prison or his court hearing or the hanging of the 3 prisoners at the end of the play, the scenes brought a patriotic fervor in all who watched it.

With 2 girl diroz handling an all guys' cast, it was quite a task especially when it came to early morning practices in winters; but the enthusiasm of the cast members and the hard work put in by the production team is worth being appreciated and made everything worthwhile.

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test said...

remember the chawal ki wapasi we had in Nutan....:)