Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Badi Buaji

Date : September, 2004
Directors : Afshan M Khan & Abhishek Agrawal
Production Managers : Rajesh Agrawal & Nikeeta Bhise
Playwright : Badal Sarkar
Form : Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :
Anu - Apeksha Godiyal
Shambhu - Pratyush Singh
Druvesh - Prabhat Ranjan Singh
Yogin - Vineet Kumar
Anath - Prabal Sharma
Buaji - Rachana Reddy
Nitaida - Raheem Darediya
Phufaji - Abhinav Kimothi
Prompter - Sunaina
Rajiv - Atit Jain
Mrs.Sen - Surabhi Dewra
Munna - Aditya Aney
Shashank - Jaspreet Singh Notey
Munni - Shruti Patil
Mr. Sen - Uday Dhoke
Jagat - Roshan Bondse
Bhabi - Anushri Rathi

The Play :
Badi Buaji - an absolute rib-tickler depicting unending problems faced by an amateur theatre group trying to put up a play for their colony.

With the rehearsals taking place in the drawing room of Annu’s house, the sudden visit of dear buaji creates a massive problem! Though daddy Yogin is a cool supporter of the young artists, playing spoilsport to their aspirations of staging the play is Badi Buaji – trying to save the long protected reputation of the family…. Theatre splashing a black mark on the high held flag!

The play continues to unfold situations where the “play within the play” is being practiced against all odds with badi buaji not ready to leave and moreover adamant to take Annu along! And poor phuphaji has not much to say with buaji around!

Undaunted by the volte-face and inspired by Shambhu's quick thinking…. the artists make a delightful last ditch attempt to outwit Badi Buaji.

The end marks not only the success of the play but also wedding bells ringing for Shambhu and Annu, thanks to Shambhu’s lovable bhabhi ji!

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