Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hai Mera Dil

Date : February 11th , 2003
Directors : Smitkant Raturi & Sandeep Gade
Production Managers : Paritosh Modi & Aparajita
Playwright : Ranbir Singh
Form : Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Madan - Vishal Gupta
Usha - Alpika Mishra
Dr. Ghosh - Shantanu Goel
Ajit - Naresh Sharma
Arvind - Raheem Darediya
SalesGirl - Afshan M Khan
Sapne Wali Ladki - Priyanka Bansal
Mohan - Vishal Naidu

The Play :
The play is about a hypochondriac guy, Madan. One day he overhears his doctor talking on the phone about a guy who has a weak heart and is going to die. Madan assumes that his doctor is talking about him.He starts to plan his loving and innocent wife’s future... her marriage... in such eventuality.. Due to his detached behavior his wife starts thinking that he's having an affair. This complicates the plot a bit more but all clears up as Madan realises that he's not dying and then clarifies Usha's fears..

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