Friday, December 16, 2005

Baaki Itihaas

Date : September 3rd,2005
Directors : Vineet Kumar & Abhinav Kimothi
Production Managers : Afshan M Khan & Aditya Aney
Playwright : Badal Sarkar
Form : Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :
Sharad Nag - Ishan Shukla
Vasanti - Khushboo Aggarwal
Vasudev - Himanshu Kerni
Kanak - Apeksha Godiyal
Nikhil - Ritesh Agarwal
Sitanath Chakravarti - Pratyush Singh
Agantuk - Rwitajit Majumdar
Kanak Ka Baap - Sankalp Kathuria
Vijay - Mukul Malhotra
Vidhubhushan Babu - Prabhat Ranjan Singh

The Play :
Itihaas - The history of a common man... struggle to survive... birth, childhood, education, job, marriage, family, death. Baaki Itihaas - The history of mankind... fights, riots, wars, death, destruction, exploitation, molestation....

Baaki Itihaas - a beautifully narrated story of man and mankind. How man in trying to give a meaning to his life tortures the rest of mankind. How man after reaching a stand still in his life, in search of a new goal in his life, intentionally or unintentionally, discovers means for the destruction of his own kind. Hidden in the pyramids of Egypt, the Roman colloseums, the Arabian deserts, Hiroshima ,Nagasaki -- Baaki Itihaas.

Sitanath, a normal middle class man in his forties, commits suicide. Another middle class couple Sharad, a college lecturer, and Vasanti, a writer, ponder over the reason of Sitanath's suicide. Both of them writing stories out of thier imaginations. Finally Sitanath's ghost explains the reason to Sharad. He narrates the story of his life, which makes Sharad relate his own life with Sitanath's so much so that eventually he addresses Sitanath by his own name,Sharad. Sitanath account's his life falling into a routine, becoming aimless which compelled him to commit suicide. He describes in making his life meaningful, what man has made of man. This made him commit suicide to prevent him for falling a prey to the same.

The Play is actually three stories in one. Vasanti's account, Sharad's account and the true story by Sitanath's ghost. Long but powerful dialogues make the script all the more gripping. Though the story is on the pessimistic side of life yet strong logical arguements in favour of the subject leave a lasting impression.

The cast had five first time actors.Last scene was done in complete blue light.The music used was arranged by Ishan and Pratyush. Superb performances by Ishan n Pratyush highlighted the play. Especially Pratyush's brilliant acting as Sitanath, playing three different characters in one, left the audience gripped to their seats in awe....

Not to go unmentioned the marvellous chart-work by the production team. The charts implemented on two innovative ideas - a half burnt suicide note and a noose, attracted a great number of people

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