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Date : August 31st, 2001
Directors : Shantanu Goel & Smitkant Raturi
Production Managers : Ashish Bhargava & Swati Agarwal
Playwright : Narendra Kohli
Form : Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :
Banarsi Das - Ashish Korde
Anil - Arvind Khilnani
Shalini - Vasuta Agarwal
Vajyanti - Pallavi Borse
Khanna - Spandan Sharma
Stri2 - Aishwarya Singh
Stri1 - Alpika Mishra
Purush2 - Ajay Kulkarni
Purush1 - Amit Bajaj
Shanti - Anshul Mehta
Kartikeya Misra

The Play :

The play revolves around the family whose youngest son is murdered.

It starts with the news of the youngest son being murdered while trying to save a family from dacoits. His family is quick to accept this fact and display their pride for him. But as the story unfolds they realise that their son was linked in criminal activities and had a secret affair. They are aghast to learn this and even refuse to accept his girlfriend as one of their own. Later on when they come to know that their son had hidden a lot of money with this girl they readily bring her into the family.

The curtain falls as the head of the family subtly hints about killing their son's girlfriend once they have the money, proving that the family was no better than the men who killed their son. Great perfomance by everyone, but Ashish Korde made his act of an old guy, immortal.

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