Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Solution X

Date : September 26th, 2005
Directors : Apeksha Godiyal & Afshan M Khan
Playwrights : Badal Sarkar
Form : Stage Play
Type : CEERI Production

Production Team : Vineet Kumar, Abhinav Kimothi, Rachana Reddy, Ashwini Kumar
Sounds : Vishal Gupta, Abhishek Sinha
Lights : Malhar Mehta, Aqsa Musthaq
Makeup : Pratyush Singh

Cast :
Shambhunath Sengupta - Prabhat Ranjan Singh
Tuttul - Afshan M Khan
Adima Sengupta - Ajeytaa Agarwal
Saumain Chaterjee - Chanakya Bhardwaj
Hari - Suraj Kumar
Ramesh - Aditya Aney
Bela Chaterjee - Sharad Verma
Ganesh - Aditya Aney
Dr Khastgir - Devdatt Akhawe
Geeta - Surbhi Kango

The Play :

Solution X is the story of a mad scientist, Dr Sengupta, obsessed with the idea of inventing a drug to arrest ageing. He is a typical forgetful and absent minded scientist. He had worked tirelessly for his aim, ignoring his other worldly duties. After years of work on this project his experiment was near completion and he was desperate to try it on animals... and then on himself!!

Its an out n out comedy which shows how his experiments backfire and has the drastic effect of transferring him back to his college days and childhood. There is total confusion as his wife, boss, a relative and his junior's wife all consume the drug... and utter chaos ensues.

Prabhat Ranjan excelled in the role of the old scientist and handled the transitions between the old and young age with brilliance. This is the first HDC play on the CEERI stage. It was performed in the cultural night of 'CSIR Foundation Day'.

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