Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Baap Re Baap

Date : April 4th, 2004
Directors : Alpika Mishra, Vasuta Agarwal, Raheem Darediya & Pratyush Singh
Production Managers : -
Playwright : K. P. Saxena
Form : Stage Play
Type : Theatre Workshop

Cast :
Nurbaksh - Kapil
Vikas - Rahul
Minu - Nithya
Lily - Jay
Mrs. Iyer - Shiva
Doodhwallah - Abhijeet
Anokhi Devi - Radhika
Goonga Baap - Piyush
Fazal Chacha - Amit
Nakli Baap - Satish
Asli Baap - Thakur

The Play :
Baap Re Baap was the first play with which Theatre Workshop was conceptualized. The play had a comedy theme and was centered around a family where the couple thinks that their father is lost and announce a reward for him. From the servant of the family (Noorbaksh) cracking jokes every now and then and trying to woo the “pretty” family friend to strange neighbours who keep dropping in to sympathize with the couple to frauds who keep coming to claim the reward, the play had the audience laughing all the way. With first timers on stage, non hindi speaking cast members and a cast of psenti-semites, it was a tough task initially but the enthu and dedication showed by the cast members (to the extent of practising in the bhawan wings), the “fear” of the diroz and the help and commitment of the prod made it a great learning experience for diroz, club members and cast members alike and set the pace for all the Theatre workshops to come.

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