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Date : January, 2003
Directors : Swati Agarwal & Shantanu Goel
Production Team : Ashish Bhargava, Vasuta Agarwal & Pratyush Singh
Playwright : Mohan Rakesh
Form : Stage Play
Type : Second Production

Cast :
Fandi - Arvind Khilnani
Advocate - Ashish Korde
Jailer - Shantanu Goel

The Play :
Fandi is a truck driver who gets entangled in murder of his father. The psychology of a son, who is seeing his father die moment by moment, supported with brilliant script and excellent characters, is penned down by Mohan Rakesh. HDC staged the play for the second time in 2002, first semester. The continuous dialogues of 2 pages were delivered fantastically by Kor. Khillu playing all kind of characters in 1 hour-court room scene was an inspiration in itself. Script and characters were so well knitted in the play that we had no choice other than performing it to the best. Hats off to Khillu and Kor. Swati and Shantanu directed the play with the help of production team of three people, and managed to stage the play after practice of just 13 days.

Some Memories from the play
  • Kor and Khillu received a standing ovation from the audience for their brilliant performance in the play (it was an emotional moment for all of us)
  • Khillu as *always* didn't remember his lines till the very final day of the play .. and was all too inventive to come up with fundo coverups like "Vakeel sahab .. ye warder sahab beede kahan se laaten hai" .. and his partner in crime, Kor goes like "haan wo jail ke paas wali redi se !!" Thank god they came back on track before Khillu could utter "haan jab mein chhoot jaunga to hum wahan saath saath jayenge" (he really thought this would have been a wonderful continuation to their wonderful bakwaas).
  • Kor and Khillu advocated the *serious* need of a prompter in the wings on the final day of the play, but they (thankfully) pulled it off without one :)
  • "Hai mera Dil" was in the making at the time of Fandi. We had to beg Smit and Gade to let the cast and crew free for the final day of Fandi :)
The Brochure:
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