Friday, December 16, 2005

Aadhi Raat Ke Baad

Date : March 13, 2004
Directors : Naresh Sharma & Raheem Darediya
Production Manager : Pratik Naphade
Playwright : Shankar Shesh
Form : Stage Play
Type : Second Production

Cast :
Judge - Vineet Kumar
Chor - Pratyush Singh
Padosi - Naresh Sharma

The Play :
Aadhi Raat ke Baad is one play which everyone will remember for a long time. Not just because it had two great actors performing together, not because the first-time-production-manager Pratik Naphade showed such promise in this play and tried a totally different marketing strategy, not because we completed the play in just 8 days and not because HDC was having its first off-campus diro and off-campus actor. But more importantly, this was the play where one can see the strength HDCites have in them, the determination and dedication that they put in each of their plays, the enthu, the chool, the energy that they derive from within because they love their club. The actors had the toughest acting schedule one has ever seen, from dawn to late-nites, rite from the day when the reading started till the play got over, they gave their every second to the play. We salute you for your effort.

The Brochure:


globalfriendshipnetwork said...

i am sure it will be nice play

Broken Arrow said... did we miss raheem's name in the cast....he was there thruout the play sulgaoing his bidi....