Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hinsa Parmo Dharma

Date : October 2002
Director : Swati Agarwal
Production Managers : -
Playwright : Based on a short story by Premchand
Form : Street Play
Type : Oasis Entry

Cast :
Nat - Shantanu Goel
Natti - Vasuta Agarwal
Jamid - Pratyush Singh
Kazi Zoravar Hussain - Raheem Darediya
Pandit Gajanand Chaturvedi - Prabhat Bhaduria
Mullah - Paritosh Modi
Panditayen - Aditi Nath
Sethiya - Vaibhav Karkare
Pandit - Akbar Kamal
Moorgiwalla / Villager 1 - Shelly Agarwal
Lakshmi bahen - Aprajita
Villager 3 - Sachin Gaekwad
Minar/crowd - Alpika Mishra
Nazaqat / Cameraman - Naresh Sharma
Sharafat - Bhoopendra
Villager 2 / Aslam - Vijendra Singh
Om - Omkar Kurode
newsreporter - Shilpa Deshmukh

The Play :
Hinsa Parmo Dharama is a story about how a society, deeply divided by the concerns of religion, try to poison an innocent mind, to misuse a mans very existence for their own well being, and to make religion both a weapon and an armour to provoke communal abhorrence amongst all. It is about how Jamid, free and unconcerned of the ways of the modern society, is woven into a political "chakravyhua" by the religous leaders of the city, where the only way out is "hinsa". Its about how Jamid, still begs for communal harmony and a healthy society for the coming generations, till violence takes over him too and in a fit of rage he finally breaks this chakravyhua only to realise his own blood-stained hands.
Is hinsa really our ultimate dharma is what the play seeks ??

some memories from the play:
  • Our very hyderabadi Raheem came up with mind bogling phrases like "Mai khadunga tab karunga"
  • Talli was the only successfull contender in shuting up our hyderabadi hero by a constant "Achha raheem phir kya hua"
  • In the after-play video Prat came up with his (in)famous humor on "mein kutta hoon .. bhau bhau"
Achievements :
Hinsa Parmo Dharama
won the Best Play award
Swati Agarwal won the Best Director award
Pratyush Singh won the Best Actor award

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