Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gaj Foot Inch

Date : March 12th, 2005
Directors : Afshan M Khan & Apeksha Godiyal
Production Managers : -
Playwright : K.P.Saxena
Form : Open Theather
Type : Second Production

Cast :
Pokharmal - Paritosh Modi
Pokharmal's Wife - Sonali Ghosh
Tillu - Piyush Agarwal
Jugni - Zaira Zahir
Yuvak - Aditya Aney
Gullo - Khushboo Saraf
Saindas - Rahul Lakhmani

The Play :
Gaj Foot Inch is a brilliant comedy, revolving around a business family. Mr. Pokharmal is the head of the family and is a cloth merchant. His son Tillu, is wholly involved in the family business and like a typical calculating business man, his world is limited to profits, lucre and revenues.

He is quite worldly wise but when it comes to the opposite sex and romance, he's very naive. For this reason, his parents are worried about his marriage. He's always uninterested in girls... untill he meets Jugni, whom his parents want as their daughter in law. Jugni is a well educated and refined girl.

The rest of the play shows how Tillu manages to impress Jugni... despite his talks confined to clothes and profits and how he realizes in the process that life has much more to it than just 'profits and gains'.

This was the first play HDC staged in the Faculty Division 5 stage. The play had a splendid performance by Paritosh Modi, as the over critical and anxious father of Tillu.

The Brochure:
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