Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Date : September 5, 2009
Directors : Durba Kashyap & Neeti Nayak
Production Managers : Atin Aggarwal & Saharsh Chordia
Playwright : Durba Kashyap & Neeti Nayak
Form : Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :

Burkhe wal? :
Sahil Sheth
Tanvir :
Prakarsh Gunjal
Khayal :
Pranay Pandey
Nandini :
Durba Kashyap
Kabir :
Tarun Lalwani
Mr. Jindal :
Saurabh Karamchandani
Pablo Picasso :
Anirudh Bajaj
Van Gogh :
Nilesh Gupta
Buddha Aadmi :
Ankit Bareja
Mrs. Mathur :
Pranshu Gupta
Ammi :
Shabnam Bhattacharya
Meena : Vriti Jain
Anwar : Prabhash Katariia
Woh : Adwait Dahale

The Play :

Throughout, the mind has an image of it's savior, which it searches for. The inability to discover the manifestation of this image in the physical realms, serves as a stimulus, to transcend his body and mind to mirror this image.

Gallery :

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Amar said...

Three cheers to HDC!.. well all i can say after 'Tassavvur' is that very few clubs take BITS audi stage as seriously as HDC does. And it has gone way ahead by this play!

Rajat Tibrewal said...

Imagination takes us to places we can never go, leads to discoveries we can never think of, makes us meet those we can never touch, helps us reason what is unreasonable.

Does everybody need a saviour? Tasavvur made me think and imagine :)

Anonymous said...

Tassavur - Imagination. A name as perfect as the play itself. And with HDC, perfection is what we get to see in each and every angle, from to direction to cast including burkewal?_____ and all the other aspects of it. The club always manages to bring out the best out of everyone and everything. HDC gives u everything but compromise.

Well i dont think i need to comment on acting, GAWD/BOND is the word we can call everyone in the club. But a special mention to the script of today's play. It provided really good food for thought. Somethings which were so simple, yet depicted in such a beautiful manner which left every thoughtful person wondering.
Some of the points of the play i would really like to appreciate :

1. The stage backdrops - Splendid..the colorful papers, which can depict either the varied thoughts a mind has, the fact that the protagonist is a painter, or maybe it resembles the kites Meena and Anwar fly in one of his childhood memories. The concepts of footsteps - another awesome thing..going back to the same thoughts, the same dream.

2. The presentation when Tanveer is thinking - there cant be another way to illustrate the thoughts, the whirlpool he is struggling into. A unique blend of different pictures.

3. The slow but highly impressive exit of Tanveer wearing the burka he becomes the saviour himself seeking one around.

Although i would find it very difficult to rate the plays, but i think i would definitely give Tassavur a higher ranking. It had that extra edge which made it highly different.

With plays like Tassavvur, HDC is setting up new milestones.

To make an effort to entertain Bitsian audience with such a serious play is a really tough task..and i congratulate HDC for having accomplished it successfully.

Anonymous said...

With 'Tassavvur' HDC has set up yet another benchmark... PP was at his awesome best and the exit of Tanvir couldn't have been any more perfect. Hope to see more of HDC. Cheers!

Meghana said...

The most amazing play!! hats off to HDC!
The work you people put in is shown to the very detail..
and especially
@ the diros - AWESOME work
@ everyone else - equally awesome work.

Neeraj said...

It was an amazing play...thoroughly professional and original.
Looking forward to many more creative stuff from u guys!!!!

Neeraj said...

It was an amazing and original play. Looking forward to more creative ones like this one...

neeti said...

thank you so much. it's basically spectators like you guys who make the effort worthwhile.

saumil srivastava said...

nice play guys....

Ashwini Kumar said...

I am so happy n proud of u all. Gr8 work neeti n durba :) i miss u all...wish i was there. Never let the 'HDC' brand name fade away!!
Love u all n miss u all.

loads of love,

Anonymous said...

phod diya be!!!!

Jaskaran said...

A real thought provoking play i must say. "Tassavvur" managed to make a great impression on my mind with me enjoying every moment of it. Incredible work by the HDC!
I was thrilled right from the beginning when the concept of a character depicting the thoughts of a person was introduced. It was a unique thing to do.. I must appreciate the script writers who wrote such a serious yet so engrossing play.
Acting was once again highly commendable, background music so perfect...
This play surely sets a new benchmark for HDC and i am sure we'll get to see more of these in coming days..

Aj said...

Congrats guys!
You surely keep the flag flying high!

Raheem Darediya said...

very happy hear of the success... congrats guys...

pp said...

best in business !! :)

HDC said...

Words would be too mild for the kind of overwhelming gratitude we're experiencing at the moment. Thanks to all the audience. Thanks to all the seniors... :)

Anonymous said...

phodu stage by PP!!!
PP rocks!! n Hdc very nice work...

Rach said...

I was browsing through the plays after a loong time and noticed the comments. Made me so proud!Congratulations Neeti,durba and the whole team :)