Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla

Date : February 25, 2010
Directors : Dhananjai Gaur & Pranay Pandey
Production Managers : Pranshu Gupta and Saurabh Bharadwaj
Adapted From : Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (1986)
Form : Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :

Chowkidaar : Sahil Sheth
Presiding Officer : Saharsh Chordia
Jury Member 1 : Rajat Gupta
Jury Member 2: Snehashish Sinha
Jury Member 3 : Prakhar Prabhakar
Jury Member 4 : Alakshit Tripathi
Jury Member 5 : Rachit Joshi
Jury Member 6 : Prakarsh Gunjal
Jury Member 7 : Sharad Varma
Jury Member 8 : Shachi Madhogaria
Witness 1 : Abhilash Srivastava
Sudku : Pranay Pandey
Police Inspector : Ankit Bareja
Witness 2 : Zenab Bohra

The Play :

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Gallery :

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prem said...

Hey!!! indeed this was the best play HDC had given .... Specially the boy in orange shirt, pranay, the police inspector, the old lady up on the stage.. and two old dude there.. It was a nice shot ... Keep it up!!!!

Raghav said...

An Amazing Play! When i initially came in, i was keen to see how will HDC relive one of my favorite movies, a one which i have watched 15 times and know every scene and dialogue of.
What i saw left me totally contended with a fair justice given to the script. Liked the performances of Pranay, Prakarsh, Abhilash and Bareja. Loved Alakshit's portrayal of the witty skeptic. Rachit and Cheela were as usual, great. I also liked Saharsh composed performance, though not much theatrics were there for his role, he was very comfortable in his character. Inspector's and Sudku's scene was breathtaking.

I can go on and on here. Kudos to HDC for such a brilliant performance. Keep up the great spirit.

Hemant Kumar Soni said...

I could not see the play.
But I can say play was good, as HDC had always given awesome plays.
It may be a OHT, but acters of HDC are very good!!!!!!

Amaan said...

Each play that HDC performs is unique and awesome.. and so was this one. full of mindblowing actors.. prakarsh, cheela, rachit n alakshit were outstanding.. kudos to the directors..

Vineet Pandey said...

Great play. Snehashish breaking down towards the end and Pranay's talk with the audience were classic. Play appeared dull in the beginning but was a treat by the time it ended. Alakshit promises that HDC will keep up its high standards in future. All the very best for the coming productions. :)

Anonymous said...

Sneha Gawwwwwd!! The way he relived Pankaj Kapoor's character..speechless!

Ajay said...

Totally Phantastic!!! Brilliant show. Regret not having attended your plays till now...

Abhishek Chhajer said...

Bareja, Snehashish, Rachit, Sachi and Pandey, are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of HDC say it was merely good would be an response by "THE CASTE" when sneha broke at the end and the audi was making fun was something noteworthy! well done HDC!!

Goel said...

Cheela was GAWWD !!
Overall .. one of the best play I've seen !