Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bhagvan Chal Basey

Date : September 11, 2010
Directors : Pranay Pandey & Anirudh Bajaj
Production Managers : Sahil Sheth & Adwait Dahale
Adapted From : 'GOD' by Woody Allen
Script : Pranay Pandey
: Stage Play
Type : Normal

Cast :

Nandlal : Alakshit Tripathi
Radheshyam Raina : Rajat Gupta
Seetaram Saini : Prakarsh Gunjal
Champalal Chaturvedi : Abhilash Srivastava
Miss Chaterjee : Vriti Jain
Q : Shriyans Bhatnagar
Shabana Akhtar : Aditi Rawat
New Assistant : Pradhumn Acholia
Sevak 2 : Digant Roy
Maalik : Saurabh Karamchandani
Agent1 : Saurabh Bhardwaj
Agent2 : Gaurav Bhardwaj
King : Kamal Sajnani
Audience : Akshay Dugar, Anisha Malik, Adwait Dahale

The Play :

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Gallery :

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Saharsh Chordia said...

Awesome work sunke maja aa gaya...proud of u all :)

rajat said...

loving drama more than ever :)

Rahul said...

Mast Play tha......Gazab ki acting sabhi ke dwara.....Plus concept bhi zabardast tha....naatak ke andar naatak !!!!!!

Rahul said...

Gazab ki acting sabhi ke dwara....Plus concept bhi zabardast tha....Naatak ke andar naatak....maza aa gya....gr8 work guys!!!!!!

Ravi Ramnath said...

Super performance. One of the best HDC Plays in my four years here, and that is saying something! :)

pawasbuddy said...

Brilliant play.. the perfect combination of abstractness and understanding.. of entertainment and thought-provocation.. one of the best HDC productions.

Anupam said...

gr8 concept...awesome performances...hoping to see more of such plays in coming time...

Rahul said...

guyz loved ur play " kharashein".... awesome work...found it thoght provoking , very mature, perfect to very mnute details....& made me wonder abt...why riots happen? why one human kills another? truly sensational performances...may u keep bringing lot more of these..!!