Saturday, February 26, 2011


Date : February 26, 2011
Directors : Neeti Nayak & Prakarsh Gunjal
Production Managers : Atin Aggarwal, Saurabh KC & Akshay Dugar
Adapted From :
: Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :

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The Play :

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Rahul said...

guyz loved ur play " kharashein".... awesome work...found it thoght provoking , very mature, perfect to very mnute details....& made me wonder abt...why riots happen? why one human kills another? truly sensational performances...may u keep bringing lot more of these..!!

Sushant said...

peek a lil over the partitioned fence
the concept was pretty intense
challenging one's comman sense

people were ONE back in our history
what has happnd now is still a mystery
none can understand man's psychiatry

why do we see the need to kill
such a loss is impossible to fill
spread this msg,for sure i will
awesome concept...loved each and every moment..hats off

Sushant said...
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