Monday, April 11, 2011

Hum Honge Na Qamayab

Date : April 11, 2011
Directors : Shabnam Bhattacharyya & Rashi Jindal
Production Managers : Pranshu Gupta & Saharsh Chordia
Playwrights : Abhinav Kimothi & Ashwini Kumar Chakre
Adapted From : 'The Cop and the Anthem' by O' Henry
: Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :

Inspector : Saurabh Karamchandani
Sub-Inspector : Dayesh Jaiswal
Hawaldar : Shivek Gupta
Ravi : Alakshit Tripathi
Vinod : Nilesh Gupta
Chaukidar : Pradhumn Acholia
Hariram : Prabhash Kataria
Conductor 1 : Gaurav Bharadwaj
Conductor 2 : Adwait Dahale
TC : Shriyans Bhatnagar
Belan wali Aunty : Monica Jain
Sardarji : Aditi Rawat
Child 1 : Pranshu Gupta
Child 2 : Nivida Gupta
Aandolankaari 1 : Rajat Gupta
Aandolankaari 2 : Saurabh Bharadwaj
Aandolankaari 3 : Abhilash Srivastava
Geeta : Rashi Jindal
NCB Officer : Vriti Jain

Chorus :

Saharsh Chordia, Sahil Sheth, Akshay Dugar, Abhilash Srivastava, Rajat Gupta, Prakshi Choudhary, Devanshi Mittal

The Play :

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Gallery :

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shubhangi said...

awesome play..... i enjoyed it so much.... great work ppl..... hats off to diros rashi and shabnam .. and yes ob nilesh and alakshit awesome acting :) :)

Aman said...

Awesome direction...brilliant cast and crackling dialogues! The sardar was pretty cute..also, great acting by whoever was Ravi..and the bus conductor's accent was pretty authentic :) Sizzling chemistry in the dance sequence.. :P Awesome work, HDC!

ScrewedUpHead said...

A very nice play,performed exceptionally well by the cast. The script was good, full of jokes and talented writing. Kudos to all the performers and people involved

ScrewedUpHead said...

The play was brilliant. It was humorous throughout. Kudos to the performers and the writers for such a masterpiece

neha agarwal said...

another awesome and one of the best hdc plays!!!a complete laughter package,an hour of entertainment..!!

Raghav said...

Kya play tha! Hum to bas "doob hi gaye"