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Date : February 15th, 2005
Directors : Raheem Darediya & Abhinav Kimothi
Production Manager : Pratik Naphade
Playwrights : Pratyush Singh, Vineet Kumar, Abhinav Kimothi, Raheem Darediya, Pratik Naphade, Ishan Shukla and Ashwini Kumar Chakre
Form : Stage Play
Type : Semester Production

Cast :
Anna Family
AnnaSaheb - Vineet Kumar
Ayi - Rachana Reddy
Vicky - Pratyush Singh
Pappu - Ishan Shukla
Nisha - Aqsa Musthaq
Gade - Rajesh Agrawal
Patil - Uday Dhoke
Jaggu - Himanshu Kerni

Miyan Family
Miyanji - Raheem Darediya
Ashfaque - Abhinav Kimothi
Feroze - Varun Anand
Kauda Singh - Shammider Singh
Abbas Rangoli - Jai Prakash
Saleem Chikna - Aditya Aney
Chaman Hatela - Ashwini Kumar Chakre

And the others...
Babu Kaka - Prabhat Ranjan Singh
Commissioner - Neharika Prabhat
ACP - Swagat Borah
Waitress - Afshan M Khan
Chief Minister - Sushant Ambulkar
Shanti Seth - Abhishek Sinha

The Play :
Anna Saheb was inspired from the Mario Puzo's novel 'The GodFather'. The Play had a cast of 21 and was different in more than one ways. Be it blood on-stage, haircut during the play or theme music(especially composed for the play by Music Club), the play left the audience in sheer awe. The audience loved every minute of the play, be it the lighter moments between Pappu and Vicky, or the most scariest torture on-stage, done by Pratyush Singh and Uday Dhoke on first- time actor, Ashwini. (I hear girls had closed their eyes, when Dhoke picked up a huge hammer!). AnnaSaheb had a total of 7 debuts and a massive production work, thanks to Production Manager, Naphade, the team never had any complaints.

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